Travel Grants


Due to the effects of the coronavirus we have sadly had to place the Travel Grants on hold.
Please revisit this page in 2021.

The Ellis-Beauregard Foundation is pleased to announce a $2000 travel award for Maine artists in all genres. The Foundation understands that exposure to expertise found outside the immediate community can enrich artistic practice through professional development. 

To apply, applicants must articulate a compelling reason for travel. The narrative portion of the application should demonstrate where, when and why the applicant intends to travel, and more specifically, how traveling would advance their artistic practice. Additionally, applicants must assure the jury of their ability to carry out the proposal. Regardless of the discipline or the proposed activity, the narrative should be authentic and compelling. 

The applicant must be 18 years or older, not currently enrolled in an educational institution and a full time resident of Maine. (Full time residency in Maine is six months and a day.) In addition to the narrative, the applicant must provide evidence through 10 artistic samples (i.e. images, video, audio, manuscript etc.) and a resume, that they are committed to a serious artistic practice.

Additionally, the applicant must provide a letter from the host institution or individual confirming the initiative.  

Please apply via the Submit button below.

2020 Awardees


Tessa Green O’Brien,

Heather Lyon,

Oliver Walter Solmitz,

Caroline Losneck,

Julie K. Gray,

Juror: Sarah Auld, Executive Director, Tony Smith Foundation

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