Joan Beauregard and David Ellis

Met at the Art Student’s League in New York City. There they fell in love and began to share a studio in Brooklyn, NY in the same building as sculptor, Martin Puryear. They had long been summering in Maine and on May 9, 1979 they married and moved to Round Pond, Maine, catapulted in part by the experience of a terrible fire in their studio where Joan barely escaped with her life. It was in Maine, by the sea — David loved to sail — that they spent the rest of their lives, eventually designing and building a house in Rockland, Maine in 1990.

Privileged enough to be able to turn all their attention to art making, Joan and David paid little attention to engagement with the art market. Therefore, the Ellis-Beauregard Foundation stewards a great rarity; the intact collection of the work of two artists which reveals the entire spectrum of their triumphs and challenges, spans their evolution as artists from student work to maturity, presents a fascinating reveal of their personal journey and a visual discourse on aesthetic inquiry. As Joan and David became older they generously decided to form a foundation primarily designed to further arts education in the Midcoast Maine area. Maintaining a preferred low profile, they named the foundation Anonimo. After Joan’s passing on April 14, 2009, David decided he would initiate a named operating foundation which became an official entity shortly after David’ death in May of 2015. Hence the Ellis-Beauregard Foundation began and is located in their home in Rockland, Maine.


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